Experiential paper | Psychology homework help

3 pages, double-spaced, in APA style. (in sentences, you can use “I” since it is experiential paper)



This paper should be written after having an interview a prescriber of mental health medications (this could be a psychiatrist, family physician, neurologist or developmental pediatrician)


In this class, I currently learned about depression and its medication. It does not have to be all about it, but I would like to include about it. 


The paper should include your thoughts and feelings prior to (include your biases or expectations), during and following the interview. 


Document your discussion with the physician including his or her experience with non-medical therapists, their expectations of the therapist-physician relationship (what they like and dislike) and any preferred means of communication specifically related to medication management (such as 2-4 weeks of drug tolerance test period).


contrast this with your expectations and thoughts about the relationship prior to the interview and discuss any evolution in your understanding of physician providers and any new understanding of the physician therapist relationship.