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Final project: Proposal


Due Date: You must have a complete draft on Wednesday, April 20 for peer review. You must turn in the final draft by midnight on Saturday, April 23.


Length: 1500-2100 words (12 point type; Double-spaced; Times New Roman; MLA format)


Instructions: You are charged with the task of proposing a viable solution for a concrete, contemporary problem. In order to organize an effective proposal, you must be able to precisely define the problem that you are addressing, and you must be able to convince a skeptical audience that your problem is real and worth addressing. This means that you must determine exactly what kind of audience you will be addressing and consider the manner in which you will address their concerns. That is, you must convince them that your solutions to the problem are not only feasible, but you must also justify your means and explain how your proposal will benefit your audience.


In addition, preparing a thorough proposal means that you must consider all of the possible obstacles to your solution and explain how these can be managed. Also, be realistic about your measures. That is, what can you guarantee and what is uncertain (qualify your argument). Likewise, you must acknowledge and rebut counterarguments to your position. This is crucial for creating a convincing proposal.


You must have a minimum of four academic sources (scholarly, peer-reviewed sources) to use as evidence in support of your proposal (you may also include other sources to provide context). Use this evidence concretely. That is, simply parroting someone else’s general opinion is not evidence in itself.


I highly encourage you to check out the sample proposals I have posted on Canvas.


What I’ll be looking for:


  • A thorough contextual examination of the problem that you are addressing and its causes.
  • A sensible organization that reflects the instructions above.
  • A focused plan for action that precisely addresses the problem that you have presented to your audience.
  • Effective incorporation of quoted support, with proper formatting of in-text citation and a works cited page.
  • Well-developed and well-focused paragraphs.
  • Coherence within and between your paragraphs.