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You are a professional counselor specializing in the treatment of children.  You have decided to implement an 8-week parenting program for divorcees.  How would you teach parenting skills from the perspective of either (choose) Erikson’s theory or Piaget’s theory with the participants regarding each age level of needs: preschool, school-age, and adolescent. Some of the participants hope to begin family sessions with you once the program has ended. How will you evaluate the impact of the divorce on children in each age level: preschool, school-age, and adolescent?

(This will need a reference)

Single-parent households and an increase in women in the workforce have both contributed to a significant increase in alternative care giving situations like day care or nursery school. Based on your understanding of attachment theory, how does this affect children?  Now, discuss ethical and cultural strategies for promoting resilience, development, and wellness in early childhood.

(This will need a reference)   

Here is our text for class, you can use it as well as something else.

Kail, R.V, & Cavanaugh, J.C (2014).  Human development; A life-span view . [Cengage Learning. Boston, MA.] 

These are only worth 5 points each. please only write a short paragraph for each. These do not need to be done in apa paper format. Just a simple answer paragraph of about 230 words or so for each question.