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Hello. Posted below is basically the info that the paper needs to have in it. For my clinical experience i only worked with one elderly woman who had dementia, I was not with her long enough to get a whole lot of info about her personally but would like to incorporate her dementia into this paper. It is a 5-6 page paper, not seperate assignemtns. The different module descriptions are just what should be included into the paper. It doesnt need to be very elaborate. Please let me know if you feel comfortable doing this.

Thank you!


Your last six modules will incorporate a project in which you describe and analyze a specific mental health need from practice or in a community. For the project, you will choose an individual or a community from your clinical or work setting with a mental health need and you will apply the principles of the nursing process toward recommending interventions for that individual or community. Examples of possible subjects include but are not limited to:

  • A patient on a mental health unit
  • A resident of a long term care facility
  • A member of a group home
  • The entire group home facility
  • Several home care clients who share the same need
  • Refugees from one country who settled in one neighborhood
  • People with alcoholism lacking resources in their community
  • People with schizophrenia in your city

Remember that you’re not writing another typical nursing care plan, but identifying ONE particular need that is unmet for that individual or community.

The final written assignment will be 5-6 pages and will be due during Module 11. However, here is the suggested schedule for planning and completing your project on time:

Module 06

Start thinking about your project. Did someone stand out during work or a clinical experience which drew your attention? Do you see an unmet need in your community? Did you already identify a need and carried out a project that you would like to tell us about? This week: Choose the Mental Health Concern – and the Patient or Community – for your project.

Module 07

Continue Your Semester Project by writing a brief history of the patient including diagnoses and medications – or a brief description of the community issue.

Module 08

Continue Semester Project by including any substance abuse, addiction or violence issues surrounding this mental health problem. Describe the attempted interventions that have been made for your patient or community, and identify what has been successful and what has not. Submit a rough draft of information gathered so far.

Module 09

Continue Your Semester Project by describing your thoughts regarding your patient’s or community’s mental health issue. Are there any cognitive concerns? Think about interventions that may be helpful. Include sources for evidence-based practice.


Module 10

Continue your Semester Project by listing appropriate nursing interventions for your chosen patient or community. How will you evaluate effectiveness? Include an evaluation tool or rubric.

Module 11

Complete your Semester Project by identifying mental health resources that can be used for your chosen patient or community. Finish with an educational tool for your patient or community