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One of our starter questions is, “Is addiction ever “cured”?  I personally do not believe it is ever cured, it is controlled and handled by some.  I speak from experience on this one.  My daughter is a recovering cocaine addict.  She had been clean for over a year the second time around, she had a relapse just last week, she now has to start all over.  I hear her all the time telling different people that it is an everyday struggle to fight the urge to use.


When things begin to get to much for her and she feels depressed and frustrated she will get that urge.  Or a smell, taste or site of something she encounters will trigger that feeling of wanting to use.  She is  constantly fighting that.  She is a very strong willed young lady, Taurus the bull, so very stubborn also.  She does not like change, at first but will over come it and move on. 


So the answer to the question I believe is no, addiction in never cured.  It can be managed with support groups, one on one counseling, and your own will power to better your life.  These are all things that can help, but never cure it.


I have meet several friends that have been alcohol free and drug free for 20/30 years and to this day they still go to their support groups and meetings.  They also say it is a never ending battle and only overcome, not cured.




Bernadette Moore

Re:Unit5 – Discussion Board


  • What is a mental illness that is interesting to you?  The mental illness that is interesting to me is having a personality disorder of bipolar.  I talk about this illness because this is something that i struggle with daily.
  • Discuss what you think are the best approaches to treatment for the mental illness that you have selected.  My best approaches for this illness in the treatment department has been medication, and out-patient counseling services along with seeing a psych every three months.  These have been successful motives for me and at times i am ok and at times i am having anxiety attacks and seclusion attacks.  I am an all well rounded person but dily life is very hard to control when you deal with stressful life modes everyday.  I keep a strong head for my children because i know there is no other mom like me.
  • Do you feel that modern-day society has appropriate treatments for people who are mentally ill? Why or why not?  I think modern day society do have appropriate treatments but not appropriate diagnostics, not appropriate teachings and understandings of what a mental illness really is and until people learn that then the medication, counseling services, and psych’s are really not useful because these days everyone has to find some type of common ground and some type of stability among others but everyone do not learn or interact the same as others so hopefully with a little more studies and teachings things can get better for people with mental illnesses.