For this assignment, you will write a brief meta-analysis paper

For this Assignment, you will write a brief meta-analysis paper comparing and contrasting two different 

points of view of a theory that is relevant to your chosen field of study (ABA, child development, or 

substance abuse). Using at least four different research articles, write a paper that explains the theory 

and then reports the different views taken by researchers.  Report how a professional in your field uses research to guide practice. 

Explain how a professional uses an unbiased approach to evaluate the research to best use it. 

To help you, choose from a list of the following topics. You may use one of your own as long as it directly 

applies to your field of study: 

Paper must be 3-5 pages not counting the reference page

Applied Behavior Analysis: 

1. Is Positive Behavior Support (PBS) the same as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)? 

2. Is Applied Behavior Analysis medical or educational? 

3. Is autism recovery possible with ABA? 

4. What is the standard definition of ABA? (there are many articles suggesting that there is no standard 



In this Assignment, be sure to include the following: 

 An explanation of the controversial topic chosen for the paper. 

 A brief description of each of the research models used in the four studies selected for the 

paper. Include why the researcher selected that model for the study. 

 Explanation of how the researchers used the scientific method to guide their studies. 

 Clear comparison and contrast of the two sides of the controversy using the four studies (e.g., 

two studies that support one side of the controversy and two studies that support the opposite 


 Provide a conclusion as to which side seems more plausible and justify your response (e.g., 

“while some experts believe that children who attend child care for more than two years do not 

show greater social skills, the studies used in this paper provide strong evidence that there is a 


 Propose how a professional would use the results of your paper to guide his or her practice with 


Requirements for each paper: 

Be sure to use specific information from the text to support your answers. (When referencing the text, 

APA formatting must be used.) 

Information regarding APA formatting can be found in the Writing Center and should be reviewed 

thoroughly. Below is a link to the document:

APA formatting dictates how your paper should appear on each page. 

Each paper should be between three to five pages not counting title and reference page and include: 

 A title page 

 The paper itself (the “discussion”) 

 Correct APA formatting for in-paper citations 

 A reference page 

 Use standard margins: 1″ on all sides. 

 Use standard 12-point font size

Use standard double-spacing: between 20 and 24 lines per page with an average of 22 lines per 


 Use left aligned text. Do not right justify. 

The viewpoint and purpose of this Assignment should be clearly established and sustained. Assignment 

should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Your 

writing should be well-ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful. Your work should 

display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics.