Formulating a qualitative research study


TOPIC:  Formulating a Qualitative Research Study

To prepare:

Using the Learning Resources as a guide, determine a qualitative research topic that is of interest to you and applies to a clinical practice area.

With your formulate at least one that could serve as the

Consider which of the following qualitative research methods would best address your selected research question:

Anticipate any issues () you might encounter if you were to engage in this research project, and consider how you would handle them.

Ask yourself: What other qualitative methods could be used to address my selected qualitative research topic? What are the

Post 1-2 PAGES ON : A cohesive response that addresses the following:

) and identify your for gathering data about the question(s

chose that particular methodology and how it would be useful to the qualitative research topic you selected.

Identify and elaborate on the you might encounter if you were to engage in this research project.

Describe of your selected research method (phenomenology, ethnography, and grounded theory) in terms of the research project you selected.

Discuss at least one other that could be used to research your selected topic.

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Review Chapter 4, “Introduction to Qualitative Research”

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