Hcs 533 week 3 learning team assignment system structures overview

HCS 533 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment System Structures Overview (***** 683 Words + APA Format + References *****)


Resource: System Structures Overview Grading Criteria


Your Learning Team is responsible for the selection of an information system structure used in health care. The following are some examples:


·       Clinical information structures, such as clinical data sets and severity of illness indexes

·       Health record structures in computer-driven formats

·       Administrative structures for clinical coordination and analysis of utilization patterns

·       Financial structures

·       Disease classification structures necessary for reimbursement and epidemiological data collection


Select an information system structure from above or find your own. The faculty member must approve your selection by Week Two.


Develop a 500- to 700-word summary with your team that includes each of the following items:

·       A description of the information system structure that was selected

·       The reason for your selection

·       How this structure is applicable to your work area

·       The benefits of your selection

·       Any negative aspects of your selection



Use a minimum of three references that directly support your analysis. This information will also be used for the final Learning Team assignment.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.




HCS533 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment System Structures Overview

HCS 533 Week 3 System Structures Overview


HCS/533 Week 3 Assignment System Structures Overview