Hcs430 hcs/ 430 hcs 430 week 4 learning team human resources

HCS 430 Week 4 Learning Team Human Resources Presentation Outline 


Complete a slide-by-slide outline of your Human Resources Presentation using Microsoft® PowerPoint®. Consider the layout and the speaker’s notes for each slide in addition to the wording on the slide.  Refer to the course materials for specific aspects of this outline. This assignment serves as an advance plan of the formal assignment to be completed in week 5.


Include the following in your outline:

•           On each slide,

o          list the main topics.

o          list two or three subtopics.


•           In the speaker’s note section,

o          describe the layout or appearance of the slide.

o          include a brief description of the text the speaker notes will contain.



 Outline for selected topic:


1.State and federal statutory and regulatory enactments related to patients’ rights and responsibilities

2. Current components and implications of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)


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