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Healthy Sexuality Research Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to research one of the topics you have covered in this course. You will collect 10 articles written within the last year on a particular topic related to sex and sexuality (i.e. pornography, extramarital affair, teen pregnancy, homosexuality, etc.). Articles should come from scholarly research sources. You will then write and submit a 6-8 page concise paper with the following 3 main sections relevant to these articles:

  1. Article Summaries: Summarize the main points of the selected articles.
  2. Compare and contrast the information presented in the articles with the content presented in class.
  3. Explain how a therapist may use this information on your topic to help a client define healthy sexuality and how having that understanding can help the client make wise decisions in their relationships.

Papers will be written in current APA format and should include a title page, abstract, and reference page. The paper should have 6 -8 pages of content (this does not include title page, abstract, or reference page).