Herzing online psychology assignment – anxiety


Utilizing the library (Library tab) or another academic search engine, search for a peer reviewed journal article that includes the research conducted and results on one of the following topics: bullying, anger, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, hate crimes, suicide, autism, or addictions. Read the article and think about the questions listed below. Write a 250-400 word paper evaluating the experiment and your findings (answering the questions). The paper should be in APA format, double spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman font, size 12. Academic writing should be in the 3rd person (the experimenter, the author, he/she) and not written in 1st (I) or 2nd  (you) person. Be sure to include a title and reference page with your citation in proper APA format. Include a reference page, with your reference written in APA format.

1.   Is there a clear statement of a problem?

2.   What is the hypothesis?

3.   Was the population clearly identified? What was the population being examined?

4.   How was the sample selected? Was it adequate, why/why not?

5.  What was the independent variable?

6.   What was the dependent variable?

7.   Were all important extraneous variables identified? How do you know they were identified?

8.   How were extraneous variables controlled?

9.   Was there a control group? What was the control group?

10.  How were the subjects selected for the experimental and control groups?

11.  Was the method of observation adequate to test the hypothesis? Why? Why not?

12.   Was there any evidence of bias in the procedure? What was the bias? If no bias existed; how did the researchers ensure bias was not introduced?

13.   What makes the conclusions an accurate form of measuring and reporting of data?

14.   What was the method of choice: survey, observation, correlation? Hypothesize why the researchers chose that method

Source Used:

Modrono, C., & Guillen, F. (2011). Anxiety characteristics of competitive windsurfers: Relationship with age, gender, and performance outcomes.  Journal of Sport Behavior, 34 (3): 281-294.

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