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Achievement tests have both benefits and limitations, and they are often used in making multiple academic decisions such as academic placement for students with exceptionalities or who are potentially gifted in some way. Achievement tests measure what students have learned or their scope of knowledge. There is, however, some considerable debate over the appropriate uses of such tests, particularly high-stakes testing.

High-stakes testing is a process in which a test is given that has significant consequences for the test taker if he or she does not pass the test or achieve a certain score. Examples include high school graduation tests, entrance exams into universities, and other methods of making academic placements. The debate brings to light whether high-stakes testing is a valid process in measuring academic achievement and whether or not it is a fair method of assessment.

For this Discussion, consider the benefits and consequences associated with high-stakes testing and whether or not high-stakes testing should be used in academic achievement.

With these thoughts in mind

write a brief explanation of two benefits and two consequences of high-stakes achievement testing. Then explain whether or not high-stakes testing should be used to measure academic achievement.

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