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Multicultural Case Study


At some point in your career, you will encounter a multicultural conflict or issue. It may be a conflict with a supervisor or an issue with one of your colleagues or clients. You may experience hate speech being used in the professional work setting or feel marginalized because of one of your cultural identities. A conflict may involve an entire agency or institution.

In this assignment, you will:

  • Envision a multicultural conflict that could potentially occur within your psychology specialization. The story of this conflict may be real or imagined, but it will involve your actual cultural identities, which you analyzed in the Unit 1 assignment, Self-Reflection Using the Hays ADDRESSING Model. This conflict will also involve one or more other persons that you could encounter in your work who have several points of cultural difference with yourself. It may also involve an entire agency or institution.
  • Analyze the multicultural issues that are present and consult scholarly literature to develop strategies or techniques that you can use to navigate the conflict. This assignment will help you think critically about some of the uncomfortable situations that you may encounter in your career as a psychologist, and prepare you to respond effectively in such situations.

This assignment will be a PowerPoint presentation of a case study that could be given in a professional context. A case study is an in-depth report and analysis of events, activities, or processes involving one or more individuals or a situation. Case studies are examined in academic contexts to prepare learners for the challenges they will face in professional practice. Working psychologists continue to confer with colleagues on case studies to improve their professional competencies.

While actual case studies are based on factual reports, in this assignment you can create a simulated or fictional case study. If you like, you may include elements drawn from actual events.


To complete this assignment:

  • Imagine a simulated or fictional case study, concerning a cultural conflict between yourself, working in your area of specialization, and some person or persons, agency, or institution. Several points of cultural difference must exist between you and the others involved in this conflict. While your case may be fictional, it must be entirely believable and realistic.
  • Download and use the Multicultural Case Study Template from the Resources. Do not submit a paper for this assignment. Papers will not be graded. You will complete this assignment by replacing all language that is enclosed with brackets […] in the PowerPoint with your own words.
    • You may wish to enhance the design of the presentation to make it more effective. For guidance on PowerPoint design, read the optional resource, “PowerPoint Presentation Design Suggestions” and view Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations.
    • For guidance in the basics of using PowerPoint, see the Basic Tasks in PowerPoint guides in Resources. If after reviewing this material, you need more help using PowerPoint, contact your teaching assistant— seek help early!

Your PowerPoint should include the following:

  1. Title slide:On the first slide of the PowerPoint:
    • Enter a descriptive title of approximately 5–15 words that concisely communicates the heart of the case study. It should stir interest while maintaining professional decorum.
    • Enter your name, and a job title and organization that would fit with your case study. Like the case study itself, these last two elements may be fictional.
  2. Case Study Overview slide:Provide the briefest possible narrative description of the case situation here. Additional supporting details and references can be added in the notes section below the slide. The overview should include:
    • The professional setting of the case, based on your psychology specialization (for example, in treatment, in the classroom, in a hospital, jail, or community-based setting).
  3. Main Points of Cultural Difference slides: On the table provided, list side by side the main cultural identities from the Hays model, relevant to the case study conflict, of yourself and another person, agency, or institution in the case study.
    • If more than one person, agency, or institution is involved in the case, make a copy of this slide for each one, to compare yourself to all others involved
    • In the notes section:
      • Identify common concerns with each cultural identity. Be careful to avoid using stereotypes.
      • Analyze how cultural differences contributed to the conflict in this case.
      • Identify two relevant biases you have or had, and at least one strategy for improving your cultural competency around each of those biases.
  4. Best Practices for Working With [Cultural Identity] slides: Identify a best practice for working with a cultural identity in this case and cite the source below. Then, briefly analyze how the best practice could help you navigate this particular relationship and conflict.
    • In the notes section, describe the best practice in more detail, and elaborate as needed on your analysis of how the best practice could help you navigate the relationship and conflict.
    • Citation requirements: You must cite best practices from at least three scholarly research articles in this assignment. You may cite reputable sources from Web sites, books, textbooks, and assigned resources as well, but these will not count toward the three required scholarly research references.
    • Copy this slide as needed to address each cultural identity in this case.
  5. Conclusion slide: Summarize the main lessons learned in this case study in a brief bulleted list.
  6. References slides: See step 4 for citation requirements. Use current APA style and formatting guidelines.

Assignment Requirements

  • Written communication: Should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Format: Use the Multicultural Case Study Template provided in the Resources. Use current APA style and formatting guidelines as far they are applicable to this assignment.
  • References: Three scholarly research articles.
  • Length of PowerPoint: A minimum of six slides.