Hpr205 week 4 assignment 2



Submission Instructions

Please complete your answers to the lab questions on this form. Please complete your answers, and SAVE the file in a location which you will be able to find again. Then, attach and submit the completed form to the Week 4 Laboratory dropbox in the Ashford University classroom. 

Post-Lab Questions

1. Identify three different structures each of the male and female reproductive systems and describe their functions. 

2. Cancer of the reproductive organs affects both males and females. Identify which organs in the male and female reproductive system are impacted by cancer. What other diseases can affect the reproductive organs? List at least three. 

3. Describe the process of egg fertilization, including where the egg is fertilized, where implantation occurs, and how many days pass between fertilization and implantation. 

4. Describe the hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle. 

5. Identify the hormones that regulate the following processes:

a. The hormones that cause a woman to give birth. 

b. The hormone that regulates milk let-down.

c. The hormones that regulate milk production.