Hsa 515 week 10 discussion question ( hsa/515 week 10 discussion

HSA 515 Week 10 DQ’s 1 and 2 (****** 6 Pages + Answered All Questions + APA Format + References ******)


HAS 515 Week 10 DQ 1 Managing Health Information

Many health care organizations have implemented the electronic health record (EHR) system. Assess the issues that are being presented by the technology and evaluate the benefits against the issues.


Assess the role of the Joint Commission regarding health care organizations not maintaining the required health record standards. As an administrator, develop a checklist of high-level factors you would use to help you meet the record standards.


HAS 515 Week 10 DQ 2: Right to Privacy


Evaluate the effectives of the HIPAA legislation and identify a best practice you would direct your employees to employ. Discuss what makes this a best practice and how it would impact the immediate stakeholders. Be sure to identify your stakeholders.



Describe circumstances in which confidential health information may be disclosed without the patient’s consent. Discuss whether or not you find this caveat to be problematic and why.


HSA515 HAS/515 HSA 515 Week 10 Discussion Question

HSA515 HAS/515 HSA 515 Week 10 DQ’s

HSA 515 Week 10 DQ