Human sexuality | Psychology homework help

Chapter 10 focuses on the physiological changes that occur in the body during sexual arousal and activity and actual sexual practices. This assignment extends beyond this and focuses on sexual expression as a spiritual practice. Many people, including those who identify as “spiritual,” have difficulty integrating sexuality and spirituality. This has a lot to do with how we perceive sexual expression, something very much desired but taboo.

In this assignment you will be required to read an article , and use this content to answer Questions #1 and #2.   

You will also have to watch and react to a 10 minuteto respond to #3 and #4.

The video is #7 in a series of 30 videos that were a part of a 30-day Intent program created by . [Sexual stimulation of a woman’s vulva occurs during the video, but it is blurred. So it is not an X-rated video] You may want to watch thefirst, to understand more about the video on orgasmic meditation.

  1. What are two ways that sexual activity be used to enhance spirituality?
  2. Why is it difficult for most people to think of sexual expression as a form of spirituality? What are your thoughts about sexual activity as an expression of spirituality in general? 
  3. What is the practice of orgasmic meditation and what is one of its benefits?
  4. What are your thoughts about the video and the practice of orgasmic meditation? What bias or assumption influences your opinions most?