I have an article review to do and want it to be related to autism if

I have an article review to do and want it to be related to autism if possible.

For this project, you will be critiquing an original research article. Your final project will consist of 5 critiques, thus, you will want to select good articles that you can use in your final project (and your thesis). You may not reuse article crtiques from previous classes.

1. Read the article and write a critical review of the article. Be sure to use APA style to format your paper. Include a title page and reference list. Include in-text citations to reference information obtained from the article.

A good paper would start off with an brief introduction of the article (do not copy the abstract). Describe the research question, importance of the question, and a brief background of the problem. Then, describe how the researchers attempted to answer their questions (i.e., methodology, population studied, and unique features of the study). Additionally, describe the research findings. Then, critique the article with the following questions.

Do you have confidence in the researchers’ findings (i.e., were there critical flaws in the study design, questions of confounds that might have occurred in the study)?
Does the study generalize to other people that were not the subject of the research (e.g., college student study generalizing to everyone, study in the US applying to other cultures)?
What does the study mean in the big picture and how does it apply to society in general (i.e., how does it impact society in general)?
How might you redo the study if you were to conduct it?