I need help with final journal entry 4, due on 08/06/2016 @ 8pm

This is my final entry, Journal Entry 4,  I need it to be original, and here are direction for this assignment.  

Journal Entry 4


You have now reviewed the five principles of McDonaldization: efficiency, calculability, predictability, control, and irrationality of rationality. You have also examined how they affect your life. In this journal entry, take a synthetic look at the issue, to assess the impact of McDonaldization in your life. First, think about how much McDonaldization you think is present in your life, providing some examples. Then, consider whether you would like this to change, by reflecting on the positive and negative consequences of McDonaldization for you, including a consideration of our core value of community. You may want to focus on only one or two changes. Finally, think about how you might go about implementing such change(s), also thinking how that might relate to the core value of community.

Your journal entry is worth 10% of your final grade. It should be 3 pages long using a 12-point size font, double- spaced. You should use a header with your name, the date, the course number, and “Journal Entry 4” on the first page (NO title page). You should cite and reference your textbook properly in a standard formatting style, such as ASA, APA, or MLA. The first two pages should be your essay, and the third page should be your reference list. Please consult the library resources listed in your syllabus and in your course menu to make sure you are formatting your source correctly.


Submit your assignment via the Dropbox no later than Saturday 08/6/16 @8 PM EST/EDT.


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