Immersion project | Psychology homework help

Each student will be responsible to actively investigate multicultural issues in “the real world,” outside of the classroom.  The immersion project will involve experiential learning, about other cultures.  Students will select one interactive experience that will expand on their knowledge of cultures other than their own.  Students may visit one of the exclusive Strip Club.  Students will submit a brief description of the intended activities and their goals for the experience prior to engaging in the experience.  Students will then be responsible for submitting a paper highlighting the impact of their ethnicity and other culturally influences on their identity, worldview, and role as a counselor working with culturally different clients.  Students will explore their personal attitudes, beliefs, understanding, and acculturative experiences in their paper.  Student will examine their own heritage and the effects of racism, discrimination, sexism, power, privilege, and oppression on their own life and career.

Students will then address their own stereotypes, biases, myths and misconceptions about culturally different people they had before their cultural immersion experience.  Finally, students will conclude with how this experience has affected their therapeutic competency and explore a counselor’s role in eliminating biases, prejudices, and the processes or intentional and unintentional oppression and discrimination.  Students will use APA and other relevant literature.


I am African American, I interviewed Victoria Whitenton (stripper).  When I first met the young lady, I had no idea she was a stripper.  She was a frail pail white young lady that probably weighed 89lbs.  The young lady came into my job for a tooth extraction and after having a brief conversation she said she was a stripper to my surprise.  Not only that she was a stripper but pregnant as well!  As an African American I’m us to seeing women with bigger booty and breast dancing but this was not the case.  Please research strippers and stereotypes, lifestyles etc. and build from that.  This paper should be no less than 6 pages with references.