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ntroduction to Psychology Research Paper
Grading Rubric

Research paper: You will construct a research paper on a relevant topic of your choosing from the development chapter 9 that is approved by the instructor.  Papers should be based on scholarly research and written in APA format using references. Your paper is worth a test grade.

Possible points earned                                  
Topic                                                                                                                          25
 Relevant to the course (5pts)
 Approved by instructor (5pts)
 Content is on-topic (5pts)
 Topic is applicable (5pts)
             Research-based (5pts)

Use of research                                                                                                          20
             Based on scholarly journal research that is current (2000-2012) (10)
             Minimum of 4 references (10)

Writing                                                                                                                       20
             Well written, grammatically correct (10)
             Correct use of citations/ references   (10)

Format                                                                                                                       25
             APA format (5pts)
             Includes title page (5pts)
 Includes reference page (5pts)
             Includes Abstract (5pts)
             Minimum of 3 pages length (not including abstract, title page, and reference, 5pts)

Timeliness                                                                                                                  10
             Submission and presentation of paper on time (10)

Total possible points                                                                                                 100