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PSYC101 Journal Article Review Assignment – Part 1
Article Content Identification and Summary
11:55pm ETSunday at the end ofWeek 3of the 8-week course term
You may work on this assignment ahead of its deadline but may not submit it prior to Week 3. 
Points Possible:  

OVERVIEW: This is Part 1 of a two-part assignment designed to guideyou through the steps of critically reviewing a published, evidence-based, scholarly journal article.  This is an activity in which students engage frequently across their college careers in the completion of a variety of assignments.  The article you review will be selected from the classroom Resources folder.

For Part 1 and Part 2 of this assignment, demonstration of foundational skills needed to complete an article review is the goal, not the composition of an actual research paper or essay.  You will be answering a series of questions, each linked to an important article review element, rather than writing a traditional style paper.   

Due by the end of Week 3 of the 8-week course term, Part 1 requires the identification and summarization of various components of the article you select from the classroom Resources folder. 

In completing Part 1 you will:

–Select a published scholarly article from a set of pre-approved, evidence-based, peer-reviewed journal articles located in the classroom Resources Folder titled, “Evidence-Based Journal Articles” and explain why the selected article was of interest to you;

–Demonstrate knowledge of how to properly cite the selected article’s author(s), year of publication, title, and in what journal it was published, in compliance with APA formatting rules;

–Describe the research method used by the selected article’s author(s);

–Summarize the selected article’s key points following the assignment instructions;

Part 1 Instructions:
To avoid point loss, be sure to read all sequentially and carefully and don’t jump ahead to answer questions.

From the Resources subfolder in the classroom titled, “Evidence-Based Journal Articles” (access it by first clicking Resources, then clicking this subfolder title, select an article from ONE of the folder categories.   NOTE:  This assignment requires the use of ONE article only.  Points possible per assignment section are included below.  Your instructor will assign points based on the degree to which your responses are instructions compliant and accurate, and articulated clearly, succinctly and thoroughly (that is, did you answer all parts of each question correctly and with adequate detail), in writing that meets college level communication standards and shows knowledge of the location and content of key article components.  All answers must be your original words or paraphrases of material in your selected article or the course textbook.  No other sources may be used.  Copying from published material is a violation of the University policy on academic integrity and will void all points for this assignment with no option for revision and submission.

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Then respond to the following succinctly and thoroughly in the spaces below.

NOTE:  You must complete your work in this document, save and attach it to the PSYC101 Journal Article Review Assignment – Part 1 classroom Assignment page; while you may want to do so as a back-up, content pasted into the assignment page Student Comments space cannot be accepted as a substitute for an on-time attachment submission and cannot be graded.  Inserting your answers here will change the number of document pages and the location of particular items at the top, middle or bottom of pages. 

While you may not remove or reorder items or change font size or other content in this document, a document page number increase or an item moving from or to the top, middle or bottom of a page as a result of your response entries directly below each item as required taking more lines in most cases than the small space currently showing is to be expected and is not of concern.


ARTICLE IDENTIFICATION – 10 points possible
NOTE:  Both Number 1 and Number 2 below must be completed to earn these points

1. In the space below explain why you picked the article you selected for this assignment from the classroom Resources folder.  Include a description of what about the focus of the article you chose captured your interest and why. 

2.  APA Citation Format
Show in the spaces below how you would source credit and reference-list (in APA formatting style), if you were writing a formal paper, the article you selected in the body of the paper and in a Reference list that would be attached to the end of the paper (for examples of how to correctly source credit in APA formatting style see the classroom Resources folder entitled, “APA Formatting Guides”):

a. I would source credit my selected article in the body of a paper as follows:

b. I would reference-list my selected article in Reference list that would be attached to the end of a paper as follows


Note:  While Part 2 of the Journal Article Review assignment, which is due in Week 6, includes minimum answer length requirements, hereno minimum lengths are required for the items below because answer length may vary depending on the amount of descriptive detail your selected article includes and your answers will be graded for thoroughness, accuracy and clarity in covering article details.  It is expected, however, that none of the following items can be adequately addressed in fewer than 100 words.  You answers must be articulated in complete thought sentences and not include lists, bulleted items or sentence fragments.

ARTICLE SUMMARY – 40 points possible

1.  Introduction (also referred to as lead-in information)
In the space below summarize the key introductory points made in the beginning of your selected article Note:  In some articles this information is under the heading “Introduction” and in others it is not, but every article will contain “lead-in” introductory information. 


2.  Research Methods

a. Describe the research design that your selected article’s author(s) used in conducting the study (Ex: survey or inventory, individual or group interview, case study, laboratory controlled or naturalistic observation). 

b. Identify by name in the space below any specific measures (surveys, inventories, tests, etc.) used by your selected article’s author(s) in the study (Ex: the Psychological Distress Symptom Checklist; the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory; the Attitudes about Seeking Professional Psychological Help Survey; or measures developed by the article author[s]).

c. Describe in the space below characteristics of the participants (sometimes called “subjects”) involved in the research study conducted by the author(s) of your selected article.  Examples of this type of information include:  The number of persons who participated; participant demographics (age, gender, race and ethnicity, college or employment status, geographic location); whether participants were paid to participate in the study or if no compensation was provided to them for their participation

3.  Findings/Analysis
a. Identify in the space below the types of statistical analyses used by the author(s) of your selected article Note:  You are likely not at this point in your college career an expert on statistical analyses but don’t have to be in order to complete this portion of the assignment which only requires listing them by name. 


b. In the space below, summarize the research findings (often referred to in articles as “results”) of the study conducted by the author(s) of your selected article.


4.  Conclusion/Discussion
Summarize in the space below the conclusions reached by the author(s) of your selected article.  Note: These may be found under the heading “Conclusion” or “Discussion” or in paragraphs near the end of the article and are based on the research findings of the author(s) of your selected article.



SPELLING AND GRAMMAR – 10 points possible
(Nothing to type here.  This is an alert to go back and proofread your writing and make any needed corrections before submitting this assignment to avoid the loss of these 10 important points.  Tip:  Look for basic grammar errors [ex: using “their” when you are talking about one person), misspellings and typos, correctly spelled but incorrectly used words that SpellCheck won’t catch, sentence fragments that don’t state complete thoughts, run-on sentences that should be split into smaller ones or sentences that read awkwardly or don’t make sense when you read them aloud, etc.). 


Reminder: After you have completed your work, save and attach this document, with your name as part of the document file name, to the Journal Article Review Assignment Part 1 Assignm