Journal entry 3 | Nursing homework help


This week, you complete and submit your second journal entry. Your journal draws from evidence, concepts, and/or theories you have examined in this program, especially those related to your specialization. What have you observed during your  Experience that you would like to analyze through your journal writing?


To prepare:



  • Think about the evidence, concepts, and/or theories (evidence) learned throughout this program and your specialization.
  • Analyze a problem, issue, or situation that you have observed during your  Experience.
  • Using a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources of evidence, consider what you have observed within the context of your specialty using appropriate concepts, principles, and theories. Give special attention to observed events that vary from the scholarly literature.
  • Determine how the problem, situation, or issue was handled in a manner that is consistent and a manner that is inconsistent with the theory, concepts, and principles detailed in the evidence.
  • Given the various evidence-based approaches that can be used in handling the observed problem, situation, or issue, think about a plan for approaching the matter differently.


To complete the Journal Entry:


In your saved version of the NURS 6600 Practicum Journal document, write a minimum of 250 to 300 words in APA format and 3 references from the list below. Include the level one headings as numbered below: