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Access the University Library so that you can find research articles from peer-reviewed research journals in the psychology discipline.

Select three peer-reviewed research journal articles in the psychology discipline that address topics that you may want to investigate further in your Week Six individual paper (see Week Six for full assignment details).

  • The 3 articles must pertain to any of the week 6 assignment topics
  • The 3 articles you select must be from the year 2000 or newer.
    • You will not earn credit for selecting older peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • The articles you select must come from peer-reviewed research journals in the psychology discipline.

You will not earn credit for choosing peer-reviewed journal articles from journals that are not from the psychology discipline.

Write one paragraph pertaining to each article’s content you select. Each paragraph must adress two things in your write-up:

    • (A) What did you find most interesting about the article’s content that you selected?
    • (B) Why is this article interesting to you?
      • Required: After each paragraph, provide the full reference for the article in proper APA style.
      • First-person is permitted.
      • Do not summarize the article. Parts A and B are not asking for an article summary.

Outline/Structure of your paper to submit:

Page 1: Title Page

Page 2: Three Peer-Reviewed Psychology Articles from the Year 2000 or Newer

  • 1 paragraph pertaining to Journal Article #1 + APA citation 
  • 1 paragraph pertaining to Journal Aritcle #2 + APA citation
  • 1 paragraph  pertaining to Journal Article #3 + APA citation


*Note: A standard paragraph is 5-sentences minimum. This is graduate school – be liberal and generous in the amount of content that you write.



Topics permitted for this Week 1 assignment:

Your 3 paragraphs that you submit for grading must be written about at least one of the topics below. These topics are also listed in the Week 6 individual assignment directions. 


  • Effects of divorce on children