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Question:  Vaccinations are mandatory for children in many states; schools have always required children to be up to date on their vaccinations when enrolling, with few exceptions. Today, the federal government recommends that all children between birth and eighteen years of age receive sixteen vaccines, and forty-seven states require preschool-age children receive three doses of the hepatitis B vaccine to attend public school. Every year a very small number of children die from diseases or conditions that develop as a result of vaccines received to protect them. It seems to be an inherent hazard associated with mass preventative inoculation. 

Is vaccination worth the risk, and have you had or would you have your own children vaccinated? Why or why not? 


Do you think State laws that require compulsory vaccinations deprive a citizen of liberty granted by the United States? Why or why not?


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To say whether vaccination is worth the risk, would be like saying if some sort of driving course is worth the risk, because I’m sure a couple people have died from courses like that. So to answer the question, yes I think it is worth the risk. If we were to look at what has to say, we would see that vaccines are extremely effective in preventing diseases, just looking how the measles vaccine worked wonders on nearly removing the entire disease from the United States. Now this should be case and point right there, but I’ll go a little further, according to (2014), before a vaccine for diphtheria existed, over 15,000 Americans died because of the disease in 1921; since 2004 there has been one case of it. Given these results, yes vaccines are worth it and I would definitely have my children vaccinated.


I don’t think State laws step on our liberty at all when they require vaccinations, because as shown above, it is proven that vaccines actually work. If anything, they uphold the 14thAmendment by preserving life. I believe this because our government is tasked to take care of the people, and protecting them from disease is definitely part of that. As it is sad the children lose their lives because of complications produced by the vaccination, it doesn’t not under mind the fact that vaccines work, and that if we were not given vaccinations, diseases would run wild and rampant and we would be on the defensive when fighting them instead of taking preventative measures to stop them at a fairly early stage. The CDC conducts extensive tests on vaccines both before, and after they are in use, which is a very nice thing to see, because constant tests seem to be vital to validating the continuous safety and effectiveness of the vaccines in circulations (, 2013).


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Immunization is a way of creating immunity to certain diseases by using small amounts of a killed or weakened microorganism that causes the particular disease. (Your Child’s Immunizations) Personally, I would say that vaccines are worth the risk. The amount of diseases that you can be protected from is benefit enough for me to follow through.  I believe the risk of contracting a disease and becoming deathly ill from it is far greater than any side affects from the vaccine itself. After all there is a risk to just about everything in life, so we just have to pick and choose which risk to take in life. I have been receiving vaccinations on schedule since I was an infant and continued into adult hood. The only negative reaction I had was to the flu midst which caused me to have a really bad headache and some other symptoms that mirrored the flu. Otherwise, I have not experienced any negative reactions from vaccinations. My daughter has been receiving vaccines since she was an infant as well. She has never had a reaction that was not normal after receiving a vaccine. I am thankful, because I have read a handful of stories about children who have experienced horrible and even permanent affects after a vaccination. 


I do not believe that State laws that require compulsory vaccination deprive a citizen of liberty granted by the United States. There are certain measures that have to be put into place to protect our country and I believe vaccinations are one of them. If State laws did not require these vaccinations I would feel they were depriving citizens protection and safety from these diseases. I also feel that vaccines are one of the many benefits we have that third world countries lack and thus given them a lower quality of life. Certain countries around the world who do not have access to vaccines often experience a high death rate that can be contributed to one disease that had an outbreak. So many people are infected because no one has been vaccinated so it just spreads like wild fire. Fortunately, for us we don’t have to worry about this type of mass outbreak (at least from the diseases we’ve already been vaccinated against). I think this is a benefit to the compulsory vaccination.




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