Look over carefully and make sure you can do this assignment…

Choose a job you would be interested in pursuing to prepare for this assignment.

Write a 1,200- to 1,400-word paper in which you address the following:

  • Conduct a job analysis for your selected job using one of the job analysis methods and discuss how it could be used within an organization.
  • Evaluate the reliability and validity of your job analysis.
  • Evaluate different performance appraisal methods that might be applied to your chosen job.
  • Explain the various benefits and vulnerabilities of each performance appraisal method.

Include at least two references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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You must have the required number of references required for each assignment (as per the syllabus). They must also meet the recency requirement (within the last 5 years).





1. Please conduct an actual job analysis of the job you chose, not spend an entire section or paper describing what a job analysis is.
2. The job analysis can be in paragraph format, added to the back as an appendix, or included in the body as a list. Either way, you MUST FOLLOW APA FORMATTING. Please ask if you have questions.
3. It may be easier if you describe the job using the KSAO’s:



K-Knowledge needed for the job

S-Skills needed for the job

A-Abilites needed for the job

O-Other characteristics needed for the job


For Example:


Police Officer


Knowledge needed for the job

Skills needed for the job

Abilities needed for the job

Other characteristics needed for the job



You can only go over word count by 10%. Anything else is useless filler and I will deduct points. Staying specific, giving me only what I ask for and making it easy for the reader to know what topic you are discussing and where the information for that topic is will help you stay at word count.


One of the required elements asks you to:


  • Evaluate different performance appraisal methods that might be applied to your chosen job.


This means you have to evaluate at least TWO different appraisal methods in your paper.