M8a1 renewabel fuel source | Biology homework help

M8A1: Are microbially produced fuels an economically viable renewabel fuel source?
In this activity, you have the opportunity to apply your understanding of the material covered in Chapter 28 and the module videos.
You are a microbiologist working for the U.S. Department of Energy and because you are an expert in microbe-produced fuels, you have been called before a congressional committee examining the feasibility ofrenewable energy sources
In your own words construct a thoughtful opening statement speech that demonstrates your knowledge of this field. In your statement to the committee, please include the following:
a summary of the different types of microbe-produced fuels currently available, and
a persuasive argument to support further funding for research and development of a microbe-produced fuel that you have determined to be the most viable as an alternative to fossil fuels.
Your document should be approximately two pages in length, double-spaced in 10 to 12 point font. If you refer to sources of information besides the textbook, please be sure to cite them in the text and on a reference page using APA format.
Your essay/speech is evaluated using the School of Liberal Arts Writing Rubric. Essay assignments comprise 10% of your final grade.