Major theories of ethics | Psychology homework help


Please select ONE from each group of 4 choices in the list. I need NO plagiarism, and NO copies of any kind from this site (course hero) nor the internet. All essays must be original. there are three groups of easy, only select one from each group.

After completion, there should be 3 essays, one from each group.

300-350 words, no citations needed. font=12, double spaced and times numeral font style.

#1 -Select ONE:

1. Describe the two major theories of ethics; what are advantages and disadvantages for each?
2. What do Plato and Socrates believe is the reason for humans to do the right thing?
3. Describe the components of democracy. What are Plato’s views on democracy?
4. Describe Skinner’s Walden Two.

#2- Select ONE:

1. Explain some major theories on the concept of reality.
2. Describe the general ideas of the theories of Rationalism and Empiricism. List the major supporters of each of these theories.
3. Describe the empirical and rationalistic arguments for the existence of God.
4. Describe the differences in what Karl Marx and Buddhism deems important in life.

#3 Select ONE:

1. Explain Newton’s Law of Motion.
2. Describe Perry’s Stages of “Male” Knowing.
3. According to Kohlberg’s “Masculine” Ethics of Justice; there are stages of Ethical Development, describe these stages.
4. Explain the Philosophical criteria for personhood