Marketing research and promotional message

Select one of the following consumer groups (No instructor approval required):

  • Blacks/African Americans
  • Latinos/Hispanics
  • Asians/Asian Americans
  • American Indians/Native Americans
  • Alaska Natives
  • Jewish Americans
  • Caucasians/White Americans

Alternatively, you may choose another US race/ethnic consumer group.  Instructor approval for an alternative consumer group must berequested no later than Thursday, 11:59 pm MST.  If this request is not made on time and if approval is not obtained, you will earn 0 points/0% on this assignment because you did not follow the instructions and the assignment will not be graded.


Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word APA paper in which you analyze different facets of your group.


Conduct research on your group using at least three (3) peer-reviewed, academic sources other than the PSY322 textbooks. You may use the textbooks if you wish, but they do not count towards the minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources.


Summarize the research by identifying (1) the consumer needs, (2) the consumer perceptions, and (3) the consumer attitudes of your group.


Explain how your group’s consumer needs, perceptions, and attitudes may be used to create marketing communication (marcom) messages.


Include at least two current, real world business examples. Be sure to include the company/brand name.