Marketing research project- collect and analyse


The lecturer’s objectives by completing this assessment you will work through the collect and analyse steps of the CADDIE planning process and demonstrate your understanding of COMP factors. This will also assist assessment 3.

Scenario: You are working as a research assistant for a boutique marketing consultancy- specialising in retail.


Task: You have been commissioned to produce a report which involves analysing the situational factors related to the prominent retail business Baby Bunting. Baby Bunting has been a growth story and a share market ‘darling’ since listing on the ASX in 2015 however the impending opening of Amazon’s Australian operation has many nervous about the prospects for retail businesses. In your report, you need to identify the COMP factors currently at play and those impacting the foreseeable future. This will mostly involve secondary research [i.e. utilising existing information sources] and also involve some degree of assumption where full information is not readily available. Fortunately, Baby Bunting is listed on the Australian stock exchange so investor reports and presentations made by the company may provide a rich source of data.


Your 2250 word report will cover the COMP factors for Baby Bunting:

Customer- including primary and secondary targets markets

Organisation– the company’s current competencies and deficiencies

Market- the market conditions including key competitors

Product– the current ‘Total Product’ offering made by Baby Bunting both online and in store

A SWOT matrix [strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats] will then be derived and presented as the final section of report [this will prove to be a useful summary when it comes to competing Ass3].