Metaphysic & epistemology | Psychology homework help

We have already touched upon Metaphysics in the previous modules. You will find that all the divisions of Philosophy connect and overlap. For this module’s discussion, answer the following questions:
1. Does reality exist before we are born and after we die? Does it exist while we are living?
2. Does reality consist of only one nature, two, or multiple? What are they?
3. Does it matter if what we believe seems to work for us, even if it may not ultimately be empirically true?
You must relate everything you say to the material in this module. You may use material from previous modules.






As noted previous, Epistemology, the focus of this chapter, is basic to all other aspects of philosophy. Whether knowledge is obtainable or how it is obtained is the starting point for all rational discourse. In your initial post in this discussion answer these questions:
1. State the difference between Rationalism, Empiricism, Transcendental Idealism, and Skepticism?
2. Which of these general theories of Epistemology seem to make the most sense to you? Why?
3. What do the correspondence, coherence, pragmatic, redundancy, and semantic theories say abut the nature of truth?
4. Which theory do you think closest to understanding the nature of truth? Why?