Micro biology | Biology homework help

I need it in 12  hour maximum in  one page maximum as short as possible but  answering the all questions   and use tow  reference in correct APA format that i can find online for free this not writing homework  please read all the  assigment before sign the handshake

Microbes have an unbelievable ability to adapt in order to survive. It is not surprising then that the potentially pathogenic organisms that can invade the human body and cause disease have developed strategies to overcome our natural defenses and immune response. In this Discussion Board, we will discuss the various mechanisms that potential pathogens use to enable them to cause infectious disease.

Here are the specific directions for the Module this week:

1). Using lectures notes and additional scientific references, research the various methods that microbes use to evade the body’s natural defense mechanisms, overcome the normal flora and immune response, and initiate infectious disease.

Important: We are discussing the strategies used by microbesto overcome the body’s defenses in this Discussion Board. We are not addressing the defense mechanisms of the body (e.g. the body’s natural barriers or the immune response) in this discussion.

2). Post your response to the following prompts on the Discussion Board course site.

1. Which of these methods do you find most interesting? Explain why.

2. Illustrate your choice by discussing a specific example of a pathogenic microorganism (Genus and species) that uses this specific method to potentially initiate disease. Discuss the virulence factors of this organism and the disease process it can cause.

3. You must use at least 2 scientific references in correct APA format.