Models of psychopathology | Psychology homework help

For this discussion, consider the following case vignette:

Susie is an 8-year-old Asian American girl; the youngest child in a family of four older siblings. Her parents are both high school teachers. When Susie was 5 years old, she was hospitalized for three weeks for a serious illness. Since that time, she has been in good health.

Susie is extremely shy and avoids situations in which she needs to interact with new people or large groups. She worries about making mistakes in her schoolwork and becomes extremely anxious when taking tests. Sometimes, she becomes so nervous that her heart races; she begins to tremble and has difficulty breathing. Susie is also afraid of the dark and does not want to be alone in her room at night. She often requires the presence of one of her parents or older sisters until she falls asleep.

In your discussion post:

  1. Take the perspective of a theorist from each of the three models of abnormality—biological, psychological, and sociocultural—and briefly explain how you would view the factors leading to Susie’s presenting behaviors.
  2. Describe an integrated approach for understanding Susie’s symptoms of anxiety (avoidance, worry, nervousness, and fearfulness) using Figure 2.12 as a model. Consider how biological, psychological, developmental, systems, and social factors would interact to cause anxiety in Susie.