My topic for this is sexual preasure on children/ adolesents

Assignment 2: Application

Due:  Sunday midnight at the end of the 8th Week


In Assignment 2: Application, you will address the same issue from an applied perspective:

  • What is being done to address this problem?
  • Is there a consensus about how to improve this problem, or is there a great deal of controversy?
  • What solutions have already been tried for this problem?
    • How successful have these solutions been?
    • What are the barriers to solving this problem?
    • What resources are available in YOUR community to deal with this problem? 
  • Future approaches to the problem
  • How will this problem be addressed in the future?
  • How successful are these solutions likely to be?

Research paper or opinion paper?

Research, NOT opinion

Number of published, peer-reviewed sources required; must all be published within the last 8 years

  • The textbook may be used as one of these resources.
  • Do not use any direct quotes from any sources

3 NEW sources, not cited in Assignment 1

Length required (not including title page and references

  • Tables, graphs, charts, lists, figures, etc. may be used, however do not count toward the length requirement

800-1200 words

Reference style required

American Psychological Association, 6th edition

Submission requirements

Microsoft Word document submitted as attachment in Assignment Submission area.  Do not attach to a Message or email, and do not paste into Submission text box.