Online multiple-choice questions for psychology

This is the online multiple-choice questions for psychology. I will give you my username and password when we shake hands.

Step!:Go to Input the username and password. After you entry the website, click “Courses”, then click “PSY-101-002 – FA 13-14“, then click “Examinations”


The exams will show up in this section of the course at the time for which they are scheduled in the Syllabus.  There are 4 exams in all, each containing 20 questions.  You have 60 minutes to take each exam; when the timer is out, the exam will automatically close and your grade be calculated.  You can take an exam as many times as you wish until the end of the last week of regular classes.  Exams will open on Friday and run until the end of term.  For example, Exam 1 will appear below and be available from the Friday at the end of Unit 3 and be open until the Friday of the last week of class.  Exam 4 is the last exam and occurs during Finals Week, ending on the Friday of that week.  There are no make-up exams so be sure to allow yourself enough time should problems arise.  We encourage you to not wait until the last minute as there are many students and you may encounter heavy site traffic. Exams are “open book,” that is, you can use any resources you wish.  They will have questions that come from course content, lectures, as well as the version of the textbook indicated in the Syllabus.



Attention!:I will give some examples like the real questions. Pleases see attachments. If you need to do it again, please click “take the test again”(See attchment 9)

My requirement!: You MUST get 20/20 for each one. It means i MUST need 100 percent for every one. There are 4 exams Which name is exam 1,2,3 and 4.