Order 638123: review of literature portion for paper


  • Type of paper Other
  • Subject Nursing
  • Number of pages 10
  • Format of citation APA
  • Number of cited resources  0
  • Type of service  Rewriting

attached is:  methodology potion of this project; which is what the basis is for this.  putting the paper together is the rubric. there are 2 sample papers  which were provided by professor, which we need to adhere to and not  deviate. uploaded the portion of my paper dated 10-17-17 (which is in  process right now of being rewritten, but on page 4, per my professor,  it should be added into this portion, ie the review of literature  portion of assignment. this portion is review of literature for resarch,  which is the paper which needs to be rewritten. professors handwritten  notes are on paper; and another portion of paper needs to be  incorporated into review of lit, as mnetioned above.this is only the  review of literature portion:Section II – Review of Literature &  Theoretical Framework Introductory Paragraph Review of Literature (all  that needs to be revised for this portion). I have also added 5 more  articles as i felt it was more relevant to my main question for this  project: what is the knowledge and towards gardasil vaccination among  parents for their children. pls let me know if you have any questions.  straighfwd.