Organizational development intervention | Psychology homework help

An OD intervention is generally described as a planned change process that takes into account both the technical and psychological aspects of the organization. Interventions fall into four categories: human process interventions, technostructural interventions, human resource management interventions, and strategic change interventions.

Based on your research, complete the following:

1.     Identify two interventions conducted in organizations within your category of interest. Be sure to find examples representing different decades and use two different companies. One of the periods must be within the most recent decade. The other should be from another decade no earlier than 1970. For example, select a company from 1980–1990 and a different company example within the most recent ten years.
Provide a brief overview of the two companies you have identified in your research and describe the results of the interventions.     


2.     Explain both the technical and psychological aspects of the interventions. Clearly define the issues, processes, theories, and business outcomes of the interventions.


3.     As an OD practitioner, recommend one improvement you feel would now be appropriate for the organization to consider in an effort of continuous improvement. Justify your recommendations.


Write a 3 page paper in Word format with APA citations