Paper abut humans body and senses

  • Clarify/Quality of the core concepts using notes  to help 
  • Use 2 images  on top of the actual length of the essay with captions for the pictures
  • The length of the essay must be 1.5-2 pages long  
  • Include references 
  • Include a few concepts doesn’t have to be all go off the  notes  and  websites to explain a  few concepts

Core Concepts

Take notes on the Core Concepts as you work through the Modules. Good notes on the Core

Concepts will help with both the Module Quizzes and the Portfolio Activities. 

There are 4 main Themes in this class, divided into 14 Core Concepts.

Theme: Scientific Literacy

1.   Identify, evaluate, and minimize the impact of the biases in the information

you receive.

2.   Explain and apply Occam’s razor and demonstrate the ability to make logical

connections between pieces of information.

3.   Differentiate between of science, and parascience, pseudoscience, or

science fiction.

Theme: Understand the definition and processes of science

4.   Explain and apply the scientific method.

5.   Define and recognize examples of hypotheses, theories, natural laws, and

mathematical laws.

6.   Explain the role of statistics and statistical significance in science.

7.   Differentiate between scientific facts, scientific evidence, and scientific


Theme: Understand and discuss natural processes

8.   Recognize and describe examples of the relationship between structure and


9.   Discuss the relationships between diversity, redundancy, and stability in


10. Describe the Conservation Laws and the relationship between matter and

energy. Explain how this applies to homeostasis and metabolism or ecosystem

level cycles.

Theme: Understand and the definition of life and discuss life processes

11.  Explain the relationship between chromosome, DNA, gene, and allele.

12. Explain genetic inheritance in terms of cell theory, semi-conservative

replication, and the central dogma.

13. Apply the terms adaptation, natural selection, and survival of the fittest

together and in the correct context.


Explain microevolution and macroevolution, and how this relates to the

classification of organisms.


Senses and Perception 

  • Drugs affect perception
  • Chemoreception
  • Ears provide equilibrium/ balance 
  • Ears: 
    • Hearing 
    • equilibrium/balance
    • Static position 
  • Skin:
    • Hot, cold 
    • Texture  
    • Pain 
    • Pressure