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Patient Population: The student will describe the patient population that is impacted by the clinical issue. With a focus on the diversity of the human condition found within this patient population, the student will describe the influence that cultural values may have on the proposed solution.


Proposed Solution: The student will set the stage for proposing the best solution to the clinical problem by using appropriate evidencebased data and integrating data from peerreviewed journal articles. In this paper, the student will:

  1. Propose a clear solution to the clinical problem that is supported by a minimum of three scholarly, peerreviewed journal articles.

  2. Expand on the ethical considerations when developing the plan.

Goals: While the intervention will not actually be carried out, the student will discuss the plan that could be implemented by a nurse to address the clinical issue. One shortterm and one longterm goal of the intervention will be identified. The student will include a description of how attainment of each of the goals would be measured.


Barriers: The student will identify a minimum of two potential barriers to the success of the plan as well as a strategy for addressing each one.


Benefits: The student will describe a minimum of one benefit to the patient population and one benefit to the nursing profession that will result from carrying out the plan. Provides a minimum of one scholarly, peerreviewed source in support of the benefit of the plan to the patient population. Participants and Interdisciplinary Approach: The student will identify all of the parties whose participation is important for the success of implementing the plan.

  i. This list will include a minimum of two members of disciplines outside of nursing.
  ii. A description of the benefit of including each member from another discipline to the success

  of the plan.
  iii. A minimum of
one scholarly, peerreviewed source providing support for the success of the

  plan by including the healthcare team member outside of nursing.


  i. Provides a thorough recap of the purpose of the plan to prevent or help to resolve the clinical

  ii. Includes a complete statement describing why addressing this clinical problem matters and to

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