Peer reviewed article vs popular press article psychology essay

Roughly three pages, typed, double-spaced


Compare and contrast the writing style and potential uses of a popular press article versus a peer-reviewed primary research article that discusses the placebo effect on depression. Please use the articles below: 


Popular press:



For this paper you must: 

(1)    Summarize the main points and evidence found within each resource in approximately 150-250 words per summary (use your own words). 

(2)    Describe using examples at least 3 ways that the article styles are different

(3)    Describe using examples at least 2 ways that the articles styles are similar

(4)    Describe one situation where you would benefit using a popular press article, and one situation where you would be better off using a peer-reviewed research article

(5)    Provide in-text citations and a reference page in APA format (including DOI number for the peer-reviewed article) 

(6)     Write a paper that is coherent, with smooth transitions between topics (no bullet points or lists)