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Review the Personal Reflections on Aging Assignment Description and Grading Rubric

Personal Reflections on Aging Assignment: Description and Grading Rubric

The purpose of this assignment is to prepare you for the course by examining your personal view of aging. Use the grading rubric below to guide your paper.

  • Describe your interactions with older persons when you were a child. How did these experiences influence your view of aging? Be specific and provide examples for each description (10%)
  • What is your definition of healthy aging? Discuss any role models you have had for healthy aging. What lifestyle choices did they make that influenced you? How have you adopted (or rejected) these? (10%)
  • How does your personal background (cultural, religious/spiritual, social, ethnic, etc. ) affect your view of aging? Do you feel that your background has had a positive or negative influence, overall? Be specific and provide examples. (10%)
  • Describe your own process of aging. How do you feel about the age you are now? What are your fears about aging? What pleasant experiences do you anticipate as you age? How do you see yourself as a mature older adult? Use the concepts discussed in the textbook chapter A Life Course Perspective on Aging to ground your answers. (20%)
  • Quality of Writing (50%): Follow the relevant criteria in the General Grading Rubric for Writing (in syllabus). Limit your paper to no more than 3-5 pages length. Follow APA style for writing and formatting your assignment, citations, and references. If you are not familiar with APA, use the resources provided on Blackboard to help you. Prior to uploading your file, give it a name using the following format: AGNG200_LastName_FirstName_FileName – 20 pts.
  • Submit your assignment using SafeAssign on Blackboard no later than 11:59 pm on the specified due date. All late assignments will be subject to the 5% grade penalty described earlier in the section “Policy on Late Assignments”.