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Thank you.  My husband and I are really excited about the twins coming this

Please see attached on the Galapagos Islands.  This is my teachers report.
They use a website called to check for plagiarism. Also,
please advise if you have revised the paper for *Womens Writers final
paper and Literary Arts (Blog 6 feedback attached)*.

I have a bunch of papers due this week if you are interested.  But they
MUST be plagiarism free.  I cannot fail them anymore or I will fail this
semester and have to go over the summer when I am due to have the twins.

Paper 1 – Biology – Your assignment is to research endangerment, extinction
and a specific animal or plant that is endangered or extinct. The paper
should include information about endangerment, extinction, the causes and
effects of populations and environmental conditions as it relates to an
animal/plant of your choice. Utilize at least 4 sources, documentaries are
acceptable, however there should be at least 1 text source.  I would choose
an animal as I am more interested in animals. *Must be 3 pages DUE

Paper 2 – Literary Arts Blog 7 500 words minimum –

   – Required Reading: Margo DeMello, “The Moral Status of Animals,”
   chapter 18, *Animals and Society* (377-395)
   – Recommended Reading: Marc Bekoff, “Wild Justice and Fair Play:
   Cooperation, Forgiveness, and Morality in Animals” (85-109)
   – Recommended Reading: Margo DeMello, “The Animal Protection Movement,”
   chapter 19, *Animals and Society* (396-418)

I have attached the questions that you will need.  You do not have to
answer all of them.  I would choose on e chapter and really focus on
that.  *DUE
THURSDAY 4/28 AT 3:00PM EST I have attached the guidelines for the Blog
posts if it will  help.*

Literary Arts final research portfolio – I have attached the requirements
on this as well as the annotated webliography which has my professors
feedback. *DUE THURSDAY 5/5 AT 3:30PM EST.*