Please post your capstone project milestone # 2, draft design for

Please post your Capstone Project Milestone # 2, Draft Design for Change Assignment to this thread for your classmates to claim and review, no later than Wednesday.

 ***Please note you will lose 12.5 points, for this thread, if your draft is not posted prior to the Wednesday deadline***

Select another peer’s Draft Design for Change Assignment from the Week 5 threaded discussion (Peer Review thread).

First, reply to the peer “claiming” you will review his or her Draft Design for Change Assignment. Do not claim a draft that has already been claimed by another classmate.

Use the Peer Review Form located in Doc Sharing, under Milestone # 3 guidelines, to conduct your peer review.

Upon successfully reviewing the peer’s assignment, please return the form, with your feedback, to this thread, no later than Sunday, so he or she may incorporate your feedback into the Capstone Project Milestone # 4, Final Design for Change Assignment.

***Please note you will lose 12.5 points, for this thread, if your do not return your peer’s feedback prior to the Sunday deadline***

Additionally, please remember to upload your completed peer review form, Milestone # 3, to the Week 5 Dropbox for grading.