Positive psychology: relationship between wealth and happiness

COURSE TITLE: Positive Psychology (300 level)

LENGTH: 13-15 pages

REFERENCES: 5-8 legitimate references 



PAPER TOPICRelationship between Wealth and Happiness 


 ABSTRACT: This paper will discuss the relationship between wealth and happiness and provide first evidence that money weakens people’s ability to appreciate everyday positive emotions and experiences. It will also cover the correlation between different levels of income and its relation with the level of life satisfaction in people’s lives.





(Also attached is an outline with the points allocated for each part, explained in detail. Attached as “guidlines”)


1. You will need to conduct a short survey (10 questions) with around 20-50 people on the topic and incorporate it within the paper and follow guidelines given in the “guidlines” doc. As the survey is an integral part of the paper I hope you can spend time on this portion in detail. ( you could use www.surveymonkey.com or anything you are comfortable with) 


2. All you need to do now is to follow the “guidlines” doc and abide by it.



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