Post a behavioral research situation that could use a pearson

Again, the Question is:

“Post a behavioral research situation that could use a Pearson coefficient research study and a chi square research study. Present the rationale for each selection, and be very specific in your presentation.”


First, the answer must be a 100% original answer – not copied! My papers get automatically checked, and I run everything thrpough Copyscape, and an additonal third party checker, before handing anything in. I have gotten several plageriarized responses before and will no longer tolerate it. So, please understand this is the most important requirement for me – Thanks for your understanding in advance.


Second, a 300 to 400 word answer should be O.K. – This is flexible…


Third, One APA Style refence is needed, with a working link to it.


Next, it is due this Sunday (08/04). If I could get it back by the lastest of about five P.M. Eastern Standard time that day – that would be excellent!


Moreover, I think I am being fair for what must be required, so please only offer help if serious and understanding of what is needed and/or required. In addition, if  someone is familiar with psychological statistics, then this should be a fairly easy assignment, and I’d really prefer someone who was. Please Don’t forget it states to be VERY SPECIFIC IN YOUR PRESENTATION – Thanks.