Powerpoint 2.3 | Biology homework help


You have a choice of which assignment based on your discipline. No matter, which assignment you must incorporate the cell cycle and how it is affected by cancer’s abnormal regulation and how a drug may affect the cell cycle at the replication or distribution phase.   You are to do only 1.

DO Not copy from the internet the safe assign will catch it; we are looking for your ability to inform accurately how the cell cycle is an integral part of the cell functions. 

1. You are a  teacher who needs assessment that will support the content knowledge of mitosis and meiosis of a eukaryotic cell for student learning outcomes regarding cancer.

2. You are in the advertising business, and you have been hired to develop a campaign to help a pharmaceutical company sell a new drug that will affect the metastasis of cancer. (Use the information from this module).

3. You are a social worker who must explain to a client about cancer, how cells metastasize and develop tumors,  and must receive appropriate treatment that would cause cell death.

You can use PowerPoint, create an interactive program using PowerPoint. Please ensure that you cover the topic thoroughly but be accurate and creative. Powerpoint slides should be no more than 12 to 14 content slides.  The title slide and the references slide is not counted,  You cannot use Prezi and Slideshare.  It is an automatic ‘0″. 

If you use Powerpoint, use APA title page, and APA reference page not to be counted in the total of content slides, the number of content slides 12 min. and 15 max.

The APA reference slide is the last slide and is separate from the other slides.