Prepare an outline of your sensation, perception, and attention

Prepare an outline of your Sensation, Perception, and Attention Paper. This outline should consist of headings and subheadings arranged in such a way that the structure of the entire paper is clear.



Dichotic Listening (or Cocktail Party Phenomonon)

Divided Attention

Auditory Thresholds


Perception &

Ground Rules (to offset the Sensory Problems you detect with the open dialogue)







Within the outline itself I do not need complete sentences (unless the team deems it necessary); I just need to know what the main topics are and where to find them when I review your upcoming paper.


The first team written assignment (paper) is going to be pretty time consuming (due 3/16/15); from answering questions about your unique experiences in sensation, perception, & attention, to reading your teammates responses as it relates to an open dialogue, to actually writing the paper to include all of this + the research for each topic. 


Let you actual paper go into detail as your outline (due 3/9/15) is only a tool for me to know where each examination will be located on your paper, for example:


I. Introduction

 A. Overview of 

            1. Sensation, 

            2. Perception, 

            3. Divided Attention, 

            4. Dichotic Listening/Cocktail Party Phenomenon, 

            5. Auditory thresholds, & 

            6. Ground Rules (your paper will cover these topics)

B. Introduce yourselves

C. Thesis statement (essentially A + B is your thesis)


II. Perception

   A. Definition

   B. current research

   C. the groups responses

   D. transitional sentence


…and so on and so forth given the number of paragraphs in your paper. 


III. Conclusion

   A. Restatement of thesis

   B. brief recount/lasting thought


IV. References (no need to list the actual references, this example with suffice)


Just keep it simple, as I liken your outline due Monday as a Table of Contents; you are free to use my example above just plug-in where you will examine each topic.



How to Make an Outline in APA Style eHow.com