Primate behavior | Biology homework help

 “ Primate Behavior”  This lesson tackles why we study the behavior of nonhuman primates and how their behavior patterns can be related to human behavior and evolution. Experts discuss their field study experiences and what they learned about the behavior of their subjects. Social structure and social organization are related to impact on reproductive success. The central mother-infant bond is explored, along with patterns of affiliative and aggressive behaviors in social groups. Nonhuman capacities for language and culture are also addressed in interesting ways.



Choose either a. or b.  


a. Identify & discuss some of the major differences between the forms of primate social systems.


b. Describe male vs. female primate reproductive strategies & discuss some obvious contrasts between them. 


c. When you see terms presented onscreen, take note, get the definition/meaning, and know that such will come back to haunt you in quizzes and exams.



While responding to the dvd lesson, you may refer to the chapter reading (here it’s ch. 8)  as necessary.  See also attached ppt slides.   Make sure to focus your post on the video lesson content.  Quote or make explicit references to what the big name commentators say in the lesson.