Prof. eliud peterson only please – psychological

This assignment is designed to get you critically thinking and writing about
how psychological issues are presented in the popular media. Magazine,
newspaper, radio and tv accounts of psychological phenomena often are
presented more to attract an audience than to provide fully accurate
information. To complete this assignment, you will need to select five
recent (within the past six months) media items. These can be magazine
articles, newspaper articles, advertisements, commercials, radio broadcasts,
or television news stories. For audio or visual items describe the item as
closely as possible (e.g., by transcribing the script of a radio ad) or
include a link to the item. For each item, include a brief essay-one to two
pages, double-spaced typing-on the connections between the media item and
material from the course text or class. It’s essential to focus on the
connections between the media item and psychological theories or research
evidence. In addition, for each one of the items you are expected to find a
relevant article from a psychology journal identified in the UMUC library
databases (e.g., PsychInfo) and include information from the article in your
brief essay.