Program evaluation part ii, week 3 on diabetes

 need to address the following topics in paper:
1.  What agency sponsors your workplace diabetes education program?
2.  Who funds this program?
3.  Where in the country and at what kind of businesses does this education
 program target their efforts?
4.  Part II is about needs assessment.  Describe how this organization chose
 this nation-wide diabetes education program.
5.  Where did this organization target their teaching efforts a s a priority?
6.  Stakeholders are number 1 & 2 above, plus businesses, health insurance
 companies, and participants.
7.  How are participants chosen?


Program Evaluation Part II, Week 3 ON DIABETES

Use the program you selected in the Program Evaluation Paper Part I and continue your program evaluation plan. Prepare a 1,050-1,400-word paper with the following:

· Explain why a needs assessment was performed at the beginning phases of program development.

·  Examine the role of the needs assessment in your evaluation plan

·   Recommend an appropriate evaluation design/model for your program

·     Identify data collection sources for your program based on your reading. What information will these sources provide you? What type of method is used, qualitative or quantitative?

·  Use a minimum of three scholarly references, excluding your textbooks.


·    Format your paper according to APA guidelines.