Psychology 001 | Psychology homework help

Choose three out of the six

short answer questions. You are to answer in APA format, 

minimum of one page response(length) per question, not including title page and 

reference page(ref. pg. needs to have textbook listed as a reference, minimum)


Th. May 23 2019


Among American women born before 1900, a mere 3 percent 

had experienced 

premarital sex by age 18. In the United States today, almost half of high school 

students report having had sexual intercourse. How do these changes in sexual 

behavior reflect cultural changes that have fueled a preoccupation with needs for

social relatedness? How effectively have these sexual behavior changes served to 

fulfill people’s need to belong?


While hiking in the woods Sonya and Paul encountered a snake on the trail. While 

Sonya was extremely frightened of the snake, Paul, realizing

the snake was 

harmless, picked up the snake to examine it more closely. Explain how the James

Lange theory and the two

factor theory would explain the emotional reactions of 

Sonya and Paul.


David’s history teacher asked him why so many German people compl

ied with 

Hitler’s orders to systematically slaughter millions of innocent Jews. David 

suggested that the atrocities were committed because the Germans had become 

unusually cruel, sadistic people with abnormal and twisted personalities. Use your 

knowledge o

f Milgram’s research on obedience to highlight the weaknesses of 

David’s explanation.


According to a number of distinguished psychologists, a major purpose of the 

defense mechanisms described by Freud is the protection of self

esteem. Give an 

example of ho

w repression, reaction formation, projection, rationalization, 

displacement, and denial could each be used to protect or even enhance a positive 




Jane is wary of those who suffer from psychological disorders because she 

believes that they are ag

gressive and violent. She also thinks they are more likely 

to commit crimes than those in the general population that do not suffer from a 

psychological disorder. What would you say to Jane to convince her that she is 

mistaken in her assumptions?


One of yo

ur best friends feels that he fails at everything he does and that his life 

isn’t worth living. When you suggest that he talk to a psychotherapist, your friend 

responds, “Talking won’t help. The more I talk about myself, the more I think 

about my problems.

The more I think about my problems, the more depressed I 

get.” Explain why your friend’s comment illustrates his need for cognitive 

therapy. What procedures would a cognitive therapist use to help your friend 

overcome his negative feelings?

Extra Credit 


Choose a fourth question to answer and receive extra credit 

towards your lowest scoring exam.